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  • design
  • code
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Official website of Gabriel Cualladó, 20th-century photographer and member of the AFAL group, considered to be the pioneer of photographic collections in Spain. With Bolk studio, we created his first official web portfolio, an immersive journey available in 3 languages through the photographic series and important moments of his life. We took over Bolk graphical concept and built the project as a whole, working on design, animations, development and marketing optimization. As a result, the visit is a creative experience in itself, monitored by analytics and SEO-proofed, where most websites generally fail in leveraging the three together.

  • JS ES6
  • Hugo
  • SCSS
  • BarbaJS
  • GLSL
  • CSS Animations
  • ThreeJS
  • After Effects
  • Grid line System
  • Netlify CLI
  • Webpack
  • GSAP
  • BEM
  • Photoshop
  • JAMstack
  • smooth scroll

  • Nathalie Vidon
  • Alexis Colin