de jaune et de bleu unfiltered

Did you know what lies behind de jaune et de bleu?

On the web, with our clients, outside, by mail, email or over the phone, we are impressed by the striking creativity or pragmatism we hear from time to time. We wanted to pay tribute to these online and offline situations, somewhat perfect to break the ice.

Our name is singular: French phrasing, full lowercase words, and a conceptual meaning. For sure, it isn’t the easiest studio name to write. Now, have you tried to say it out loud? Yes, this is what French is all about: a guilt-free for the ears. And if we love the French sound of it, we love even more when non-French speaking people get to own it.

People stumble quite often on our studio name on the first time. We see and hear DE JAUNE ET DE BLEU, De jaune et de bleu, De Jaune Et De Bleu (it gets worse), de Jaune et de Bleu, 2 jaune et 2 bleu (ouch!), 2 jaune & 2 bleu, de jaune & de bleu, dejaunetdebleu, 2jauneet2bleu, and 2jaune&2bleu (you were warned!). On administrative grounds, we are sometimes compelled to use standard writing forms, such as De jaune et de bleu and DE JAUNE ET DE BLEU as well. What a shame. Don’t be fulled, de jaune et de bleu is our favorite studio name.